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8 E-Commerce Logistics Trends


Albert Goodhue

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Over the years GCL has been involved in helping corporation to build E-Commerce business cases as well has helping them to grow tacking into consideration the important role of Logistics. Here are some important trends that we see forging the future of E-Commerce:

  1. Focus on inventory visibility and accuracy to support the best online shopping experience and also the best replenishing process;
  2. Build delivery options flexibility by leveraging last mile delivery companies offering like same day delivery, delivery of choices, parcel lockers and others;
  3. Make sure your order assembly and packing process are the fastest possible to minimize customers cancellation and speeding-up delivery process;
  4. Implement the best in class order processing and deployment strategy to optimise the customer experience and process speed. In doing so, don’t forget to build the best replenishment process, especially in the case of store fulfilment contribution;
  5. Consider in-store fulfilment has one of the option to minimize overall costs, but be carefully equipped and organise the network with capabilities to absorb peak volume;
  6. The click and collect would also become a must for online retailers who operate brick-and-mortar stores. In-store pick-up will be offered by an increasing umber of retailers;
  7. Build and international delivery network by once again choosing the best delivery partners around the world. With most online orders leaving the country, traceability become a challenge;
  8. Return will also be an important contributor of customer experience. With more online retailers pushing orders or offering fashion products, return has proven to be an important part of the business case construction;

Those are only few important trends online companies need to pay attention. In addition to those points the most strategically important element is to survey the world and learn from the best in class online operation and build flexibility.

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