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Canada distribution network organisation


Charles-Antoine Marcil

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The business

Our client is a leader in the pharmaceutical industry and defined its growth by acquisition. Always with a view to growth and with a vision of rising to the world's pharmaceutical elite, our client's strategy pushed him to constantly revalidate my logistics operating model. The most recent major acquisition was a company in the ophthalmology field, it was this new player within our client's divisions that prompted him to question his overall logistics strategy.

Challenge to overcome

The GCL Group was therefore mandated to conduct an "in-source vs outsource" analysis where our client was looking for assistance in the analysis of internal distribution scenarios and / or use of logistics service providers. Important factors to consider in the realization of this project: the presence of several divisions whose operations were located in different cities and on different information systems, presence of international export, rework, kitting and display, resistance to changes both operational and IT, data accuracy suspect, working with an international logistics third party, which complicates the customization of systems.

The role of GCL in the realization of this project
  • Meeting with all stakeholders, analysis of internal processes and review of the distribution network;
  • Development of all possible scenarios including cost, performance and feasibility analyzes;
  • Selection of the best long-term option, one that maximized flexibility while offering an attractive return on investment. Here the best option was to outsource the operations to a logistics expert;
  • Operational, financial and information technology project management;
  • Creation of various projects and supervision committees to accelerate and facilitate decision-making and implementation;
  • Integration of systems (WMS, ERP and EDI) between our client, the service provider and end customers;
  • Reshaping of customer service, finance and support activities;
  • Development of a separate move plan by division and within a defined time horizon;
The results
  • Relocation and transfer of operations to the service provider;
  • Performance monitoring through the implementation of key success indicators and feedback on successes and areas for improvement.
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