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Interim for Your Supply Chain Projects

Experience successful supply chain management with our specialized interim service. We know that retaining your company’s human capital and optimizing the performance of your teams are major challenges. This is where GCL comes in as a dedicated reinforcement solution, ready to seamlessly integrate into your teams to build a sustainable and resilient supply chain.
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The field of transportation and logistics is undergoing rapid changes, and supply chain management has now taken on a central role within companies. In the midst of this transformation, the search for competent talent has become a glaring challenge.

This is exactly when and where our expertise in logistics and project coordination comes in. We have a thorough understanding of your specific needs, which is why we are offering you our interim supply chain solutions. This service is specially designed to fit your unique requirements.

Do you have an important project plan and are unsure to whom it should be assigned within your organization? Are you undecided about creating a new job opening, but have concerns about the evolution of your company’s needs in the medium term?

What if you considered hiring a member of our team of designated consultants to take over the supervision of a specific project? Not only would you benefit from working with an experienced professional who can carry out your project, but their presence in your company would also provide access to the GCL's full expertise.

Examples of projects carried out by our interim supply chain resources:

  1. Warehouse relocation
  2. Launching a 3PL
  3. Installing equipment
  4. Supporting systems implementation
  5. Coordinating the construction of a new warehouse
  6. Go-live support
  7. Team training
  8. Interim hires
  9. Etc

The projects

Project Manager
Interim Hires
Consultant Expert
Project Manager

In the event that you have been accompanied by GCL for a specific mandate or by another consulting firm, you have now reached the stage in which it is time to implement recommendations that have been made for you. Despite your best intentions, you may not necessarily have the resources required to do so, and that’s where the project manager comes in.

In the complex world of supply chain management, effective project management is essential to make sure that operations run smoothly. Our experienced project managers bring their expertise into planning, coordinating, and implementing your strategic initiatives. They ensure communication across departments as well as time tracking and resource management, while maintaining a focus on your organization’s overall goals.

Example: One of our project managers led the successful implementation of a new inventory management system for a customer in the distribution industry. Using the manager’s proven methodology, the company reduced storage costs by 15% in just six months.

Interim Hires

Operational continuity is critical, even when key members of your team are temporarily absent. Our staff replacement service offers an agile solution designed to fill gaps created by holidays, temporary departures, and other situations. Whether you require someone to take on a coordination, supervision, or implementation role, we provide qualified professionals who will quickly adapt to your environment. With this support, you will be able to maintain uninterrupted operations, avoiding delays and disruptions.

Example: When a warehouse team leader went on maternity leave, our acting professional took over this person’s responsibilities, ensuring operational continuity and meeting quality standards.

Consultant Expert

Do you have a specific project that requires a highly specialized field of expertise? Do you need an interim supply chain specialist? Our team applies their specialized expertise towards solving specific challenges within your supply chain. Our experienced expert consultants have essential skills that will strengthen your operations.

  • Project Manager: Our experienced interim managers have a wealth of experience and skills, having managed various projects in different industries. Their leadership ensures the success of your complex projects
  • Logistics and Process Specialist: These experts optimize workflows by implementing advanced process optimization tools. They play a critical role in ensuring the continuous improvement of your supply chain
  • Business Intelligence Analyst: Data analysts turn raw data into strategic insights. Their expertise allows us to make informed decisions, so we can support growth within your business

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Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of hiring an interim professional?

Several situations may prompt you to consider interim supply chain solutions:

  • You need additional expertise
  • You want to fill a temporary position that does not require opening a full-time position
  • You require a rapid upgrade in expertise, for the time it will take you to hire and train teams internally

Together, we will determine what makes the most sense in your context.

I want to set up a team that will take on the implementation of my logistics plan and I need a project manager and specialized consultants

We can provide project managers and consultants who have several years of experience.

We need project management tools for logistics. Can you help us?

Our team will implement project management tools. This includes tools that provide detailed descriptions of tasks to be completed, and progress reports.



We have a team in place, but we need consultants with specific skills

Our consultants have a wide range of skills in Supply Chain Services, Logistics, Project Management, Automation, Technological Solutions, and Training.

How should we manage the transition from interim staff to permanent employees working in the supply chain?

Managing the transition from interim staff to permanent employees working in the supply chain requires proactive planning. Start by identifying critical positions that require ongoing expertise, and then provide employee training to help upgrade the skills of the most qualified interim workers. Finally, establish a transparent internal recruitment process to facilitate a smooth and efficient transition to permanent employees, when needed. Our goal is to make sure that your permanent team will be able to take over operations once the interim mandate has come to an end.

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