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Warehouse Optimization Consulting

A review and optimization of your warehouse configuration to maximize the space, productivity and safety of your operations.
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The rise of e-commerce, increased competition and higher rents have created a need for space and process optimization, which has become a crucial issue within the warehouse.



The projects

Diagnosis of the warehouse layout
Warehouse design and optimization (new or existing)
Developing specifications and selecting suppliers
Coaching in the implementation of development projects
Partners coaching
Diagnosis of the warehouse layout

Reviewing warehouse layout elements: Overall surface, storage height, column spacing, receiving and shipping doors. In addition, peripheral elements such as offices, rest areas, circulation, security, ergonomics, forklift batteries are only examples of the reviewed elements.



Warehouse design and optimization (new or existing)

Maximizing space capacity and productivity with 2D and 3D warehouse designs.
Creating Autocad plans describing the components of pallet racking, shelving, mezzanine, circulation and work areas. Developing optimized layouts that respect operational safety and building infrastructure rules (fire, lighting, security, etc.). Sourcing of applicable equipment according to product and inventory profiles. In addition, adapting equipment to optimize order receiving and shipping productivity.



Developing specifications and selecting suppliers

Developing equipment specifications. Pre-qualifying equipment and suppliers meeting the minimum criteria, coordinating the development of specific designs and finalizing the budget envelope for the selection of the supplier and the automation system. Developing the implementation plan, evaluating tasks, effort, internal and external expertise required, technology integration plan and contingency plan.



Coaching in the implementation of development projects

Coordonner le design final avec les fournisseurs choisis (architectes, contracteurs, fournisseurs d'équipement, etc.). Mise en place d'une équipe de projet avec un comité de gestion et d'orientation. Identification des participants, des compétences, des outils de suivis et du processus de communication. Réalisation et exécution du plan de gestion du changement.




Partners coaching

Sourcing of suppliers and 3PLs. Creation of RFQs, decision matrix and contact to select a supplier or 3PL. Managing the relationship with suppliers.



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Frequently asked questions

How can you help me increase my storage capacity?

By evaluating your current product range, order profiles and inventory levels, and then determining the optimal systems to implement.



What are the key design considerations when building a new warehouse (or expanding an existing one)?

1- How much space is needed and at what height should the facility be built.
2- Make sure the floor design is adequate in terms of loading.
3- Consider material flow and throughput, which are critical to the design.
o Is automation an option?
o What types of systems should be considered (racking, conveyors, mezzanines, etc.)
4- Staffing requirements: with labor shortages, the option of automation becomes more attractive.
5- Highlight budgetary considerations.



What type of shelving should I consider?

By looking at inventory and throughput, you can determine the best system for your needs.
o Static system (single or double depth, drive-in racking, etc.)
o Dynamic pallet systems: pallet flow and push-back system



Should I consider an automated system rather than a conventional one?

Les problèmes de personnel devenant critiques, l'automatisation peut être une option viable.
Les systèmes peuvent également être semi-automatiques ou entièrement automatisés. Lorsque vous envisagez des options automatisées, il est préférable de faire une étude pour déterminer le retour sur investissement.



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