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Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Canada


The pharmaceutical supply chain is an essential link in the healthcare industry, guaranteeing access to medications and pharmaceutical products for patients in Quebec, Canada and around the world. We understand the critical importance of this supply chain, and we're proud to offer unrivalled expertise in optimizing this complex process. Find out how we can help you master this challenge, by solving problems such as :

  1. traceability
  2. compliance with government and health standards
  3. temperature control and management
  4. management of 2 types of product categories:
    • front shop products (bottled water, shampoo, etc.)
    • RX products (medicines sold over the counter or behind the counter)
  5. create synergies and optimized logistics flows for these 2 types of product categories


GCL's unrivalled expertise in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Our priority is to guarantee the safety and availability of pharmaceutical products essential to public health.

Every day, GCL demonstrates its unrivalled expertise in pharmaceutical distribution, particularly to hospitals and healthcare centers. This excellence is built around unfailing adaptability, guaranteeing respect for the cold chain thanks to refrigerated trucks, dedicated packaging and meticulous waste management. Traceability remains at the heart of our commitment: each product is carefully tracked, from its DIN number to its expiration date.

Beyond logistics, GCL is imbued with the notion of urgency characteristic of the pharmaceutical sector. Our consistently high level of service meets the pressing needs of our customers. We are aware of the vitality of each product, making our approach far more specific than in other industries. With unquestioned rigor, GCL continually strives to improve the customer experience, offering invaluable peace of mind when acquiring essential products.

Decoding Logistics Flows for Impeccable Pharmaceutical Distribution

Several crucial factors need to be taken into account to ensure efficient logistics management. First and foremost, the availability of resources - whether in terms of inventory, infrastructure or manpower - is essential to maintaining a constant flow of pharmaceutical products. In addition, optimizing transport costs is an economic imperative, requiring careful analysis of routes, modes of transport and shipment consolidation.

Finally, it's vital to place customer needs at the heart of logistics strategy, guaranteeing on-time delivery and product quality. A thorough understanding of these best practices is invaluable in ensuring impeccable pharmaceutical distribution and meeting the complex demands of this vital industry.

Customized Solutions for Optimizing Drug Distribution

We closely monitor all opportunities for improvement related to the various stages required for effective supply chain management, from the availability of drugs on the shelves, to the logistics network needed to access products for patient care, to real-time data capable of minimizing human error.

A thorough assessment of the maturity of the drug supply chain is the first step in ensuring seamless distribution. This involves consolidating a solid relationship with suppliers, as their role is central to ensuring efficient distribution. Route optimization tools offer a strategic view of distribution. Thanks to approaches such as:

  • positioning analysis
  • network optimization
  • simulation, delivery routes can even be fine-tuned for smoother distribution.

As soon as drugs are received, rigorous sampling is essential to verify quality. Finally, the importance of managing small quantities should not be underestimated, to avoid any imbalance in the supply chain.

Mastering the Challenges of the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Rising costs and regulatory requirements in the pharmaceutical supply chain make it imperative to maintain operational efficiency in supply management, including the timely distribution of products to healthcare facilities.

Cost Recovery and Regulatory Compliance: How GCL Responds

Our digital solutions give any manager access to a turnkey pharmaceutical management process that saves time and money, as well as drug traceability to ensure optimum compliance with current government standards.

At a time of soaring costs and tightening regulations, the efficiency of the pharmaceutical supply chain is crucial. It's imperative to adopt the right systems, and put in place foolproof processes. Clearly defined roles and responsibilities are crucial, especially for access control in sensitive areas. These preventive measures are essential, especially given the risks associated with expensive products and the appeal of certain items that may be perceived as narcotic.

Increased supply chain visibility is not only desirable, it's essential. It ensures optimal inventory management, impeccable traceability and seamless compliance with government standards. By meeting these requirements, GCL has established itself as a leader in compliance and operational efficiency.

Total Transparency: Our Vision of Systemic Visibility

Our main objectives are to ensure controlled access for all players in the chain, and to improve our ability to choose trusted partners in distribution, transport and warehousing.

In a constantly evolving digital world, it is essential to assess the digital maturity of existing systems. This means determining whether systems are up to date, ensuring a solid foundation for growth. At the same time, integrated systems and secure access management reflect our commitment to security and efficiency.

Careful product identification goes hand in hand with relevant categorization, highlighting key details such as:

  • expiration dates
  • DIN numbers
  • batch numbers
  • distribution unit

In addition, to effectively manage any supply chain, the importance of a dashboard with precise KPIs cannot be underestimated. This tool provides a global view, ensuring optimal management.

Guaranteeing Safety: Our Primary Commitment

The safety of our customers' products is our top priority. Every stage of the supply chain is controlled to ensure impeccable traceability. The selection of our partners, be they..:

  • distribution
  • transport
  • warehousing
  • suppliers, does not happen by chance.

We understand the importance of a secure supply chain, which is why we rely on partners of choice and trust. These critical collaborations guarantee not only quality, but also the assurance that every product is in the right place at the right time for our customers.

What innovative solutions does GCL offer to ensure an efficient Pharmaceutical Supply Chain?

At GCL, we understand the crucial importance of an efficient supply chain in the pharmaceutical sector. That's why we've integrated artificial intelligence into our processes to optimize every link. This advanced technology facilitates decision-making and ensures smooth chain management. What's more, our simulation systems are invaluable for anticipating challenges and ensuring a constant flow of essential medicines.

We are proud to offer our partners rapid access to our supply chain visibility platform. This revolutionary tool offers unrivalled clarity on every stage of the supply process. 

Prevent out-of-stock issues, distribution errors, health authority sanctions due to non-compliance, and theft. Welcome reduced operational costs, efficient supply management, uninterrupted access to products, and satisfied customers, whether in the public or private sector.

Advancing with Automation and Digitalization: The Future of Industry

Automation and digitization play a crucial role in modern industry, particularly in areas that process large numbers of orders at high velocity and with small products. To guarantee optimal management of these processes, up-to-date systems are essential. Here's why:

  1. an industry with a lot of orders, requiring automation because there are many orders (high velocity) with few order lines and products that are generally small in size
  2. type of automation: aframe, conveyors, OSR shuttle (order retrieval system), AS/RS, digital readers. Controlled by management systems: (WMS, ERP, WCS)

To maximize the benefits of these systems, it is imperative to keep technologies up to date and ensure seamless integration with management systems. This will ensure optimum management of all products, and keep you competitive in the marketplace.

In conclusion, the pharmaceutical supply chain is an essential link in the healthcare industry, and online ordering and home delivery are gaining in importance. However, it is important to note that not all pharmaceutical products can be delivered to the home due to their specific nature.

Despite this transition towards more automation and digitization, it remains essential to have human experts to provide accurate advice, particularly in the healthcare field. Regulatory compliance, safety and transparency remain key elements in ensuring an efficient and safe pharmaceutical supply chain. To find out more about our logistics expertise, contact us today!

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