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Distribution Network and Transport Optimization Services

Ready to take your business to new sustainable heights? Explore our distribution and transportation network consulting services now. Our expertise covers a wide range of strategies and solutions to optimize your operations.
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Are you looking to optimize your distribution and transportation network? The regulatory challenges, operational costs, and financial pressures may seem insurmountable. However, when it comes to turning these challenges into opportunities, our expertise stands out remarkably. In the constantly evolving business landscape, we understand the pressures weighing on your company. Imagine solutions that skillfully combine short supply chainstransport electrification, and route consolidation.

The projects

Strategic distribution network evaluation and optimization
Inventory deployment in a network
Transport strategy evaluation
Optimizing the use of a private delivery fleet
Transport practice review and cost reduction
Warehouse relocation management
Strategic distribution network evaluation and optimization

When analyzing the network, our evaluation of the positioning and the roles of each link in the supply chain incorporates a variety of essential factors, such as:

  1. resource availability
  2. transport cost optimization
  3. customer needs

This approach also considers environmental impacts and design elements related to emerging technologies. Through approaches such as positioning analysis (green field analysis), network optimizationsimulation, and delivery route analysis (transport optimization), we can define the optimal network configuration to precisely meet each company's requirements using advanced operational research methods.

By collaborating with our team, you can enhance your operational efficiency, reduce logistics costs, increase your service level, and strengthen your ability to meet the changing needs of your customers. Our solutions will bring transformative improvements that will form a resilient and cost-efficient network.

Inventory deployment in a network

Analyzing inventory deployment in a distribution and transportation network must include an optimization of the following points:

  1. inventory practices
  2. performance review
  3. inventory coverage
  4. segmentation
  5. specialization of distribution centers

To take the requirements for determining the optimal solution into account, we employ a sensitivity analysis using a digital twin of your network. This allows us to simulate various scenarios and quantify potential impacts on its responsiveness.

Thanks to this responsiveness assessment, we can detect, anticipate, and manage risks associated with unforeseeable events such as strikes, closures, or even the sudden loss of a site due to a fire (black swan events). We ensure that your network is resilient to potential risks while guaranteeing the security of your operations.

Transport strategy evaluation

Our distribution and transportation network team provides a comprehensive assessment of transport strategies, with a focus on:

  • Transport organization: clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • selection of detailed transport procedures for a smooth execution
  • Optimization of transport capacity and backhauls
  • Truck and trailer fleet review to maximize its use
  • Creation of a business plan for internalization or outsourcing to reliable transport partners
  • Establishment of performance indicators to measure the quality of the transport services
  • Regular monitoring of the transport operations to identify opportunities for improvement
Optimizing the use of a private delivery fleet

Using your own delivery fleet allows for a great deal of flexibility compared to outsourcing, but it needs to be managed properly to avoid turning into a financial drain.

We start with a comprehensive analysis of the route creation processes, taking various factors into account, such as:

  • time constraints
  • distances to be covered
  • vehicle capacities

We also focus on optimizing last-mile logistics, often called last-mile delivery.

Our goal is to minimize the miles traveled while maintaining an optimal level of service. This is made possible by optimizing the use of your private delivery fleet. By doing so, we help improve operational efficiency, reduce logistics costs, and minimize the environmental impact of your delivery operations, from the first mile to the last.

Transport practice review and cost reduction

The public sector in North America has its own unique characteristics, both in the nature of the modes of transportation to be implemented and in their management and operationalization. Our approach is based on a comprehensive analysis of transport practices (choice of carrier, applied rates, delivery frequency, etc.). This includes identifying opportunities for route consolidation, streamlining, and densification. Our approach to transportation therefore encompasses:

  1. an analysis of existing practices
  2. route consolidation
  3. real-time process streamlining
  4. the creation of rigorous specifications for public tenders focused on a clear and detailed need
Warehouse relocation management

The primary objective of GCL during a warehouse relocation is to plan and execute the transfer efficiently while minimizing disruptions and maintaining optimal operational continuity. To achieve this, the following points need to be considered:

  • Using project management techniques to effectively coordinate all the stakeholders involved in the relocation
  • Developing a precise transfer schedule by identifying key tasks, timelines, and responsibilities to ensure a seamless transition
  • Ensuring meticulous management of the trucks and containers as well as the product and inventory tracking during the relocation process
  • Establishing comprehensive tracking files to document all stages of the relocation and allow for precise traceability
  • Creating a proactive transfer strategy to ensure that the relocation flows smoothly and inconspicuously for the customers, thereby minimizing disruptions in their operations

Together, let's turn your challenges into logistics opportunities. Contact us now for optimal efficiency.

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Frequently asked questions

Why is optimizing my distribution network so crucial?

Optimizing your distribution network is a considerable competitive advantage.

Good management of your network will allow you to save money and provide better service.




How can I reduce my transport costs while delivering faster?

This is the biggest challenge these days! To improve the efficiency of your deliveries, a complete analysis of your shipments and their timelines must be carried out. We will then be able to assess where the points of tension are to finally be able to propose solutions tailored to your reality and your objectives.

Here are some tips: optimize the fill rate of the delivery trucks, optimize your transport equipment, review your choice of carrier, test collaborative delivery, etc.

When and where should I build a new distribution center?

This decision requires a complete analysis of your distribution network and your shipments. We will analyze with you if you are strategically positioned in relation to your objectives, if the positioning needs to be reviewed, and/or if one or more new distribution centers would be necessary. Optimizing your shipments usually allows you to achieve your goals without having to start building a new site.

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