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Consulting firm & logistics consultants

A team of logistics consultants dedicated to optimizing your operations and increasing your productivity.
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Quebec Performance Award

GCL congratulated by the Mouvement Québécois de la Qualité for its performance, its services and its willingness to share innovative best practices with its clients.

An answer to the needs of each industry

Aerospace, Food & Beverage, Automotive & Equipment, Pharmaceutical, Public Service, Industrial,...
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A GCL Group expert offering transportation consulting services to another company

Transportation & Logistics Consulting Services

To support growing companies in their logistics challenges.
We improve your logistics performance one project at a time!


Our service offer covers all your logistics needs that we divide in 6 fields of expertise

Supply Chain


Network Distribution & Transportation


Warehousing & Distribution Center


Digital transformation


Continuous improvement for operations


Interim Management



The journey between suppliers and end customers is often global, complex, and dotted with countless risks in terms of loss of value due to errors, delays, unnecessary costs, inefficiency, or missed opportunities. To avoid these pitfalls, our expertise is based on 3 focuses with the organizations that our logistics consultants support. Our logistics consultants are quite aware of this and provide customized recommendations according to the situation.

These days, customers expect increasingly fast delivery times. However, speed alone is not enough.

Reliability, responsiveness, and availability are the qualities that matter most to be competitive in today’s environment. To achieve this, a modern Supply Chain must be both fast and flexible.

It is therefore important to avoid an overly standardized approach and to tailor the responsiveness of the supply chain to the real problems of the customers. Not everyone needs immediate order processing or is willing to pay the price.

Customer and product segmentation must determine the appropriate service levels. The best supply chains have execution capacities that function at multiple speeds to serve each segment.

Our logistics consultants are quite aware of this and provide customized recommendations according to the situation.


The goal of supply chain visibility is to obtain accurate information about how your Supply Chain is working while reducing the risks. Combine this information with user data collection, and you get a supply chain that can be optimized, and which is as efficient as possible.

At GCL, we believe that betterSupply Chain visibility can be achieved through various means. The common theme running through all these means is improving employee awareness.

From one end of the supply chain to the other, the employees have to be versatile. The more qualified eyes and ears you have on your team, the more fluid the logistics will be. Our Supply Chain consulting services therefore offers:

  • to train your employees on the best technologies to efficiently track products at all times;
  • to invest in the skills' development of your employees at all levels;
  • to focus on operational flow for fast and efficient decisions.

Due to its scope and complexity, the Supply Chain has a significant impact on the environment. The supply chain encompasses the entire creation process and the goods distribution network.

While value chain modeling can encourage companies to keep costs low and processes fast, it can also have adverse consequences.

From sourcing raw materials to create products to the way these finished products are transported to their final destination, the supply chain may use many valuable and non-renewable resources at each stage of the process.

GCL in a few key data 

GCL is a logistics consulting firm that helps to grow business with their logistics and supply chain issues. Here are a few key figures that summarize our presence and expertise:
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3000+ projects completed

More than 3,000 projects have been carried out in different industries: from distribution to e-commerce, as well as public services and logistics providers.

A consultancy firm established in 1985

Albert Goodhue founded GCL in 1985 and since then, the company has grown and expanded its range of services.

GCL Group: an international presence

GCL has an international presence, with offices in Canada (Montreal), the United States (Miami), France (Paris), Morocco (Casablanca), and Brazil (São Paulo).

Personalized supply chain advice for your business

We have helped companies in various sectors (aeronautics, food & beverage, automotive & transportation, etc.) overcome capacity constraints and pressure on their margins.

In addition, we have helped them adopt the latest digital innovations and fully align the skills and performance of their supply chain with their strategic ambitions.

Our supply chain consultants are perfectly equipped to support you in a personalized manner, from diagnostics to implementing recommendations, ultimately guaranteeing the operational excellence of your supply chain.


Talking about the importance of a sustainable supply chain and creating one are two very different things.

However, if you have foresight and planning, it may not be as hard as it seems. At GCL, we believe that there are 4 steps to follow to get there:

  1. Conduct a diagnosis of the scope of your project
  2. Propose recommendations based on your objectives
  3. Select the best solutions for your projects
  4. Support your project at all stages of the process

They trust us

It was a pleasure working with the GCL team, who provided us with many opportunities that were well aligned with our needs. The support provided, as well as the in-depth analysis and recommendations put forward, greatly facilitated the evaluation of our operations.
Janic Alarie
Principal Chief - Pharmasciences
GCL helped us put in place logistics processes that allowed the organization to move forward in relation to the best practices used. Throughout the project, we had excellent support from the GCL Supply Chain team.
Marcel Riou
VP Operations logistic - IPL
During the past year we have worked closely with the GCL group on a major initiative. Their service level and support have been excellent and we consider them as one of our strategic partners as we continue to expand our brand into other areas in Canada.
Julianna Marcotte Jarawan
VP Operations - Spaceful
GCL was able to brilliantly carry out an important mandate during a difficult context. Through their expertise and professionalism, they helped us put in place concrete solutions to improve our facilities and work processes. This team is as friendly as it is efficient! We very much appreciated their collaboration.
Guillaume Ferland
Chef du Service de l’Entreposage et de la Distribution Direction de la logistique - CISSSMO
The GCL team is a group of human, committed and attentive people. We were fortunate to benefit from their services as part of a training activity offered pro-bono to the social economy enterprises in Laval that we support. We are very happy to have had the opportunity to work with this great team.
Eva Murith
Advisor for collective entrepreneurship and social innovation - Pôle régional d'économie sociale de Laval (PRESL)
We are satisfied with the services received by the GCL team! The consultants listened to our needs throughout the process and their availability was perfect. At each step, we were accompanied and guided in clear and precise ways. This is what allowed us to complete our project faster than expected!
Julie Lafrenière
Coordonnatrice aux Opérations - Mantra Distribution
The consultants suceeded in their mandate. Thank you to the team that I found particularly responsive, professional, 'detail oriented' and clear.
Laura Nezri
Founder & CEO - Maison Tess
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with your team! Your involvement with organizations like ours speaks volumes about your organization's values, which seem to be shared by the professionals on your team. The expertise, the quality of the follow-up and the friendliness of the consultants made the experience very beneficial for us.
Marie-France Bellemare
Executive Director - Insertech

Our executive team


Albert Goodhue has been practicing his profession for more than 25 years and has accumulated significant expertise in the logistics performance improvement of companies in Quebec, Canada as well as in the United States.

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Associate Director

Charles-Antoine Marcil has more than 10 years of experience in warehousing and supply chain optimization in the manufacturing and retail industries in Canada and the United States. His broad experience in warehousing, logistics, procurement and retail has allowed him to understand the challenges faced by operations managers on a daily basis. He brings a keen understanding of warehousing standards to clients that lead to significant improvements in logistics operations. His experience in operations management allows him to understand and analyze our clients' processes in order to reorganize them and achieve optimal results.

"Since I joined GCL Group, I've had the opportunity to work on many projects that have involved relocating and designing warehouses as well as distribution centers to handle their growth. These projects required the optimization of picking and packing operations in order to reduce costs and increase productivity for online and mass-market retailers. My strong knowledge of information systems and more specifically of warehouse management and automation systems also gives me the skills to make optimal recommendations to our clients in order to support them in the selection and implementation of the technologies best suited to their needs. As a former supply chain manager in several multinational companies, I am able to understand the reality and challenges faced by today's managers."


Mireille Robitaille is an expert in process and productivity improvement. She has has worked on best practices and have accompanied more than 350 leaders in the industry.


Martin Nijdam is a supply chain expert specializing in distribution network optimization. With over 10 years of experience and involvement in large-scale transportation projects, his priority is to ensure optimal supply chain integration.


With over 25 years of experience, Patrick McGrath works with his team on distribution center design as well as consolidation projects.


Passionate and analytical, Antoine Grand'Maison is constantly keeping abreast of the latest trends in logistics to offer innovative solutions to his clients. His wide range of experience makes him an expert in integrating IT solutions, designing and optimizing distribution centers, reviewing logistics business processes and reducing transportation costs.

Marketing Manager

A self-made entrepreneur, Ariane Cytrynowicz started her career in International Marketing for a well-known company and then decided to create her own company. She wants to evolve in an environment that allows her to get out of her comfort zone and pushes her to adapt to changes by finding effective strategies in Marketing and Communication.


This fund gives a boost to Quebec companies ready to adopt eco-friendly practices and clean technologies. We can help you green your supply chain ... one project at a time!
We are certified in order to better guide you in your digital shift. We carry out your diagnosis and your digital plan; then we select the most relevant solutions to plan the change management.

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