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30 May 2024
Webinar : Strategies for successful digital transformation un supply chain

Transform your organization step by step and drive change. Take the digital turn by assessing your level of digital maturity and change management, and identifying key strategies for taking action.

10 April 2024
Webinar : How to Justify Your Automation Project

Transform your company's operations with automation!

If persuading decision-makers seems challenging, our free webinar is the resource you need. Join us for a comprehensive overview of strategic approaches to secure stakeholder buy-in for your automation project.

Our logistics experts will share their knowledge and reveal valuable tips for successfully navigating the automation approval process. Innovation in logistics and supply chain management is more than a necessity in today's market—it's an opportunity to stand out.

01 December 2021
Webinaire Introduction au Warehouse Management System

Ce cours vous expliquera ce qu'est un Warehouse Mangement System (WMS), le processus d'implantation et les fonctionnalités disponibles par industrie.

10 November 2021
Webinaire Warehousing Best Practice

While warehouse operators work hard every day to make sure products flow efficiently in and out of their facilities, some warehouse operations are more productive than others. We share our top tips for optimizing your warehouse design, warehouse storage, and warehouse layout to achieve peak performance at your facility.

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